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Public Relations

A good PR story is substantially more effective than a front page advert. With our top touch of PR, we help you create an annual PR campaign plan (including calendars, media activity plans, publicity schedule, press conferences etc) that will be your organization's publicity bible for an entire year. Yes, bible!

We help enhance your brand, manage unforseen crisis and monitor what the world is saying about you while you thrive and rise above your competition.

Sko Media - Public Relations

Sko Media - Brand Management

Brand Management

Generally customers don’t but products; they buy an image. We don’t just sell what your brand is, we sell what your brand represents or does. We have a unique understanding of the lifestyles of Africans and Nigerians that help personalities, businesses and organizations attract great opportunities by providing precise and unparalleled platforms for them to receive national approval and global prestige.

We offer professional advice, quick tips, idea development and exceptional brand management services designed to give your brand the quantum leap. Talk to us!

Content & Digital Marketing

We will create, collect, manage and publish information that will interest and excite your targeted audience, presenting them in premium multimedia formats. With creative content on various digital platforms, we will lead you to your target publics where you can engage them in conversations and tell brand positively.

Sko Media - Content & Digital Marketing

About us

SKO MEDIA is a service media and communication agency with expertise on Public Relations, Publicity and Brand Management. SKO Media, having garnered vast experience handling major brands, organizations nationally, we provide best spokes solutions to brands media challenges.

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